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get lifetime access to our
'three ways to Self-Care
for success' masterclass

In the classes, we cover the following topics:


DAY ONE: Self-Compassion  

 What exactly does self-compassion mean?

 What are some exercises and practical ways we can implement self-   compassion in our daily lives?

 What are some affirmations we can use in real-life situations?

DAY TWO: Boundaries 

 How can we set boundaries with family and friends and why is it so   hard?

 How can we set them at work without offending our employers   and/or colleagues? 

 Why is it so healthy for self-care to set them with our significant   others?

DAY THREE: Inner work 

 How can spiritual practice be a part of self-care?


 Why is having a mindfulness/meditation practice good for us?


 What are two inner work practices which can become an integral   part of our self-care routine?

To purchase, click the button below. You will receive access to an exclusive FaceBook group with the modules, a downloadable workbook, and lifetime access to the classes. (Kindly allow up to 24 hours to be accepted into the FB group, although we will always strive to approve requests ASAP!) ✨💙✨

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