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A Path to the Stars

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Photograph: A Path to the Stars – Chad Powell Photography Isle of Wight

We are often deeply captivated by natural beauty; the crisp glory of a burnt orange sunrise, the translucent green of a forest canopy to a crystal-clear starry night sky. They sit unfiltered and confidently in their spheres as we gaze at them in admiration as they converse uninterrupted with our hearts.

I took a fresh delivery of some photographic prints over the weekend; over the years, I have been collecting some prints by a photographer called Chad Powell who is based on the Isle of White. His photographs have transported me to such different realms especially as I grew up in towns/cities often confined in heavy urban areas with no green view. I can stay lost in a print for hours just daydreaming….I have them dotted around my flat, around my desk and my bed as they invoke inspired states and I find they really foster an environment of beauty and creativity around me.

Chad has said that in order to capture these beautiful (primarily) night shots is down to the lack of light pollution on the Isle of Wight, his light sensitive camera and long exposure also help bring out the vivid colours.

Who knew that so much beauty could be revealed from such dark night skies? The inverted view of light dipped into the darkness and emerging even more vivid in colour and brilliance is remarkable.

This drew me in to reflect on our inner states, we can also hold ‘pollutants’ which can fog up the view of our selves and the world as we see and experience it. Day to day ‘pollutants’ that can build up in our inner vision and thus prevent us from experiencing and witnessing the original beauty within that is part of our original state. Pollutants can include impatience, grasping, lack of self-compassion and love. Even as to how we begin our day with setting simple heartful intentions.

There are also pollutants that are external to you, so how do you work with them? I find that I’m so busy taking care of clearing my own, these neither bother or take up the space they need to.

A recent reunion with insomnia also reminded me of the deep inky hush that is found in those dark pre-dawn hours, where there is no hiding from yourself which can be uncomfortable at times. Then the hour or so before dawn breaks, I’m flooded with all the best ideas across the board, my heart chatter becomes loud and the darkness of the night departs leaving me with abundant gifts. My best sleep usually arrives after morning prayers, these days at 6am!

Often through our darkest journeys of struggle and pain we can find such brilliance, such vivid beauty and awe that unveils itself once these ‘pollutants’ are washed, even polished clear if we have the courage to journey through this and trust the outcome.

Our internal light sensitive 'camera lenses' and taking a 'long view' can help navigate us through these times.

My twice daily spiritual practices, exercise and my little herb and flower garden are a few precious ways I try and keep the sensitive lens on and pollutants at bay in this heart, so the view stays unfiltered and pure. It is a steady and continuous process that keeps the view clear. I find the key ingredient is washing the pollutants with gentle love and gratitude.

When the eye of the heart washes clear then all vistas I see unveil such beauty and awe.

What are your ‘pollutants’ that disturb the beautiful view of your heart space? What beauty captures the eye of your heart?

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