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FOhzia Ahmed


Having the ability to view the unique perspective in people and situations is a beautiful gift. As a life coach and mentor, I intuitively see and feel into the energy of others, experiencing them in an encompassing way.


I studied Hospitality Management with the dream of becoming a hotel manager someday, life however had other plans and I ended up working in the art world for almost 5 years, took a break and travelled the world for a year before ending up working in the corporate world as a global office manager for 14 years.

After my late father suffered a devastating life changing spinal cord injury in 2013, I spent 7 years helping to care for him and through witnessing this incredible journey, it drove a restless energy for something that aligned with my soul purpose and being of service to others.

My experience of life during and after the corporate world, personal relationships, thriving and self-care for carers (looking after loved ones with life changing injuries/illnesses) and a beautiful spiritual journey has equipped me with compassionate problem-solving solutions that inspire energised and heart-based focus in all areas of life.

Please note that women who purchase coaching packages with me will get access to AHA's Ascension program for the duration of their coaching.


I am also currently a part time freelancer supporting multiple organizations in HR, Marketing and operations as well as mentoring young adults.

I am enhancing my compassionate loving practices with studying Five Elements Spiritual Acupuncture, Crystal Energy Guide and Certified Angel Guide to compliment my coaching and offerings to the world.

My goal is to invite, inspire and encourage the transformational alchemy that lies within all our hearts. To walk alongside you with truth, beauty and alignment in all you do.

On a personal note, the greatest love in life (alongside her 8 nieces and nephews!) is striving to be a Mevlevi dervish. My beloved teachers are Kabir and Camille Helminski who formed Threshold Society which is rooted within Sufism and the work of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi; facilitating the experience of Divine Unity, Love and Truth in the world.

Come Closer

Come closer

Take my hand fearful one

Let’s sweep through the lush fragrant green grasses they like to call Hope


Come closer

Scatter your fears like sunflower seeds, push them in deep with the heels of your feet


Come closer

Take my hand shy one

Let’s take a seat in the gleaming circle of light they like to call Peace


Come closer

Take my hand smiling one

Let me tie you up with golden thread they like to call Joy


Come closer

Take my hand sweet one

Let the deep sunrise sky paint you in glorious deep hues they like to call Love


Come closer

Take both hands courageous one

Let the heavens shower kisses onto you like rose petals landing on your heart



Fohzia Ahmed

what we have in common

Soul sisters! 💛

As we were both creating our About Me pages, we realized exactly how much we have in common—this, of course, make so much sense as we resonate so deeply with each other. It is a true friendship at the soul level. So we thought it would make more sense to just list all the things we have in common instead of writing on our individual pages!

Here they are:

  • Deep, passionate love for traveling ✈️

  • Reading (especially Rumi, Sufi teachers, & other spiritual content) 📖

  • Self-development (online & in-person) 🧠

  • Qawwali & other devotional music 🎹

  • Anything Turkish 🇹🇷

  • Good mangoes (Pakistani preferred!) 🥭

  • Chocolate (Fohzia likes Divine & Rabia likes Venchi!) 🍫

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